On Bloogling Blogmothers and Blogfathers

While reserching something else I came across a blog that mentioned the Fairy Blogmother, and then again today researching something else I came across a comment that mentioned a Blogfather.  This got me to wondering are there many Blogmothers and Blogfathers in the blogosphere?

So a quick search seemed in order.

Google Blogsearch returned 41 results for “blogmother” including 5 blogs, and 429 results for “blogfather”.

On a whim I also boogled for the fairy varieties, which being sub sets of “blogmother” and “blogfather” should have returned fewer results, but I got an unexpected 68 results for “fairy blogmother” and an expected smaller number of results (13) for “fairy blogfather”.

Which just goes to show you should not believe everything that google tells us.

Who are your favourite blogmothers and/or blogfathers? and/or what are your thoughts or comments on “Bloogling“?.

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