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This post was inspired by an email from Kirt Christensen forwarded by Ray Edwards on the power of Mastermind Groups, and advertising $1 21 day trial of

My immediate question was, how can I get into a mastermind group? A quick search on google for Mastermind Group threw up:

How to Create and Run a Mastermind Group by Karyn Greenstreet
A good description of what a Mastermind Group is and reasons to join one. This is a promotional page for a $12 downloadable ebook on How to Start a For-Profit Mastermind Group.
The Master-Mind Group, The Programme for Business Owners & Mangers
Promotional site for 12 month programme starting February 2008. Cost £297+VAT.
Forum Thread: Mastermind group, thinktank, brainstorm?
Erik of SPiN asked for groups in UK on 17 April 2006. SPiN appears to have gone out of business, but there is an echo on the web archive – John Wilkes of replied 22 November 2008 suggesting a Mastermind Alliance group starting in February 2009.
From the Web Archive of the SPiN website: The idea of masterminding and mastermind groups was made popular by Napoleon Hill in his book Think & Grow Rich. They provided a downloadable PDF of Think & Grow Rich. [There appear to be many copies on the web: see the results of google search for thinkandgrowrich.pdf]
Mastermind Group Resources Blog
A blog on Mastermind Groups run by Evan Carmichael who also runs Mastermind Groups in Toronto. One or two posts per week.
Online Marketing Mastermind Group
A London based Mastermind Group with online marketing focus with free online membership for those not able to attend in person.
Bernadette Doyle’s Client Magnets, How to Attract Clients Like a Magnet
Promotional page for Bernadette Doyle’s coaching and mentoring programme – costs £50 per month or £500 per year.
Meet and Grow Rich: How to Easily Create and Operate Your Own “Mastermind” Group for Health, Wealth, and More by Joe Vitale
Described by Eruditor as: “A practical guide to creating, profiting, and growing your business with your own mastermind group. It is suitable for those who want to succeed in various businesses.”
Chris Cardell’s Wealth Mastermind Group
Promotional site for Chris Cardell’s Wealth Mastermind Group. A group with impressive benefits that provides both training, support and access to the “best Entrepreneurial minds on the planet”. Curently costs £295+VAT per month.
Did Napoleon Hill’s Mastermind group work because those involved were never actually communicating with each other?
Introductory article to a discussion thread on ecademy.
The Results Academy
Home page of The Results Academy. No direct reference to Mastermind Group but there is a page on their website (Mastermind Group) that contains an invitation to join their free membership area.

As a result of this initial research the following occur as items to persue:

  • Obtain [done] and read Think & Grow Rich.
  • While being in a Mastermind Group looks desirable, I already have a group of friends and colleagues who could act as my Mastermind Group. So do I want to be more proactive with this group, or should I find an external group to join?
  • If I join an external group should I join:
    • A commercial group, severl listed above?, or
    • A non commercial group? or
    • Start my own?
  • What would I want to achieve from membership of a Mastermind Group?

Are you a member of a Mastermind Group? Whether you are or not, what would your answers be to the above questions?

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  1. Dr Baker,
    I commend you on your decision. I might recommend you also read The Magic Ladder to Success by Napoleon Hill. He goes into much more detail about the Master Mind. About one third of the book is devoted to the topic.

    If you could start your own, I would suggest you do that. I’m sure you have read enough about how to get started and such that you understand the basics.

    Good luck to you!

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