Taming Office 2007

A few months ago I installed Office 2007 and became totally unproductive.

After a short while I started looking for anyway to setup Office 2007 with the classic User Interface that Office had had up until Office 2003.

My prayers were answered when I found pschmid.net’s Ribbon Customizer which comes in two versions, Professional and Free. Both versions include Classic UI tabs which you can add to Excel, PowerPoint and Word 2007.

Since installing the Free version I’ve been able to use Office again.

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  1. Matera,

    The problem is that it does not matter how go the programme is, if I can’t find the functionality that I want to use then for me that functionality might as well not exist.

    Without pschmid.net’s Ribbon Customizer I was like a whale stranded on a beach – totally unproductive.

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