Moving website from typo3

In preparation for my planned exit from providing typo3 hosting, I have moved all of my own content out of typo3.

Other than changes to page URLs, the major change has been moving all of my news articles (such as this) to my blog.

Once I have found new homes for my two remaining typo3 clients I’ll be able to turn off typo3 and concentrate on Sustainability Consulting.

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  1. Thank you for the support of TYPO3 in past. If you’re still looking for TYPO3 hosting, Acqal is an official US based TYPO3 consultancy that offers hosting on a server cluster.

    Good fortune and luck with your Sustainability Consulting efforts.

  2. Michael,

    I acknowledge your thanks and in turn thank you for the suggestion. However I am not looking for TYPO3 hosting. I’ve been very happy with the hosting and support I have received from tekdevelopment.

    As well as being a Sustainability Consultant I also have over 30 years of software engineering experience. In all that time, typo3 is by far the most complex system I have come across. As I have not been in a position to devote my estimate of the 6 months full time effort required to learn how to use it successfully I am giving up on it.

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