10 Actions to Save the Planet

Here are 10 actions to save the Planet.

  1. Establish a programme of 10 actions to save the Planet.
  2. Declare a Global State of Emergency.
  3. Establish a standard method for measuring the sustainability of a company.
  4. Establish an international Sustainability Framework along the lines of the UNFCCC.
  5. Modify company law to include Sustainability as a pre-condition on all of a companies activities.
  6. Modify all world institutions (UN, WTO, World Bank, etc.) to include Sustainability as a pre-condition on all of their activities.
  7. Establish a mechanism to ensure that intellectual property rules can not be used to prevent the widespread use of “sustainability” and “sustainability management” technologies.
  8. Establish a Sustainability Economics Institute to reformulate economics.
  9. Establish a law that the top companies be sustainable within 10 years.
  10. Establish an Endowment Fund to support the work of CSEM-BMP in their contribution to the above actions.

This is the first of 10 posts on actions to save the Planet. We will be making further posts on these subjects in coming weeks.

[Minor edit made on 22 April 2012 in response to feedback.]

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  1. Having just read the above list, would it not be appropriate to widen the scope of item 10 to include areas that you propose to cover.

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