Bridging the Gap

High street retailer GAP released their fourth social responsibility report last week. Outlining the measures the company is taking to “make their clothes more sustainable” and to foster “a culture that supports responsible business practices”, the report is available online only and contains an impressive list of goals and progress against those goals.

Food Security and Sustainability

Today the UK Select Committee on Environment, Food and Rural Affairs have published their report on Securing food supplies up to 2050: the challenges faced by the UK.

‘Fish Technology’ for Severn Estuary?

In ‘Fish technology’ draws renewable energy from slow water currents the University of Michigan News Service describe a machine called VIVACE (Vortex Induced Vibrations for Aquatic Clean Energy). VIVACE has also been featured recently as “Ocean currents can power the world, say scientists” by Jasper Copping of the Daily Telegraph. The main benefits of VIVACE are that it …