Secure email?

A friend has evidence that people are sending him emails that he never receives.  He has asked me what he can do about it.

This is not a new problem.  Email never has been a secure or certain method of delivering messages.  For example in an article “Too Many Lost Emails Leave us Unconnected“, written in 2004, Ray Everett-Church laments:

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On the dangers of personalising email subject lines

Over the years I’ve use the fact that spambots don’t know who I am to help immediately identify spam. Any message that includes by email username (usually mbaker) in the subject is almost certainly spam. However today I received an email with the subject: Hi Michael Please read this document!

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"Standard" Footer Items

What is “standard” when it comes to a web page footer?

I recently wrote:

It is my contention that virtually no one will read anything at the foot of the page, but they will look for things there (but only things that they would expect to find, things like:

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On Bloogling Blogmothers and Blogfathers

While reserching something else I came across a blog that mentioned the Fairy Blogmother, and then again today researching something else I came across a comment that mentioned a Blogfather.  This got me to wondering are there many Blogmothers and Blogfathers in the blogosphere?

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Where in the world is Grim's Dyke Hotel?

If you search for Grim’s Dyke Hotel on google maps, or any number of other map or hotel websites you are shown a location that is over a third of a mile to the south east of its true location.
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Hello, welcome to CSEM-BMP Comment

Welcome to CSEM-BMP Comment. Here Professor Ross King, I and other senior members of CSEM-BMP Staff will be posting comment on issues we find interesting, with the intention that you may find them of interest also.

Michael Baker.
Joint Programme Director, CSEM-BMP

PS We have placed a few posts on CSEM-BMP Comment based on papers and emails that we have written over the past year, to give an indication of the type of comment you can expect here in the future.

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Measuring Sustainability

Professor King and I have an on going conversation about how to measure the sustainability of a company. On a theoretical basis I hold that just like pregnancy, a company can not be partly sustainable and due to the interlinked nature of the global economy, no company can be sustainable until all companies are sustainable. However Professor King has persuaded me to his point of view that on a practical level this is not helpful. So we have been looking at a practical way of measuring the sustainability of a company.
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5 Steps to Easy Report Writing

Originally written as a guide to writing assignments, this is also applicable to writing reports and papers.

The following are five simple steps to easy report writing.

Step One

Remember the advice to Army instructors:

  • Tell them what your are going to tell them.
  • Tell them
  • Tell them what you have told them.

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