Dr Michael Baker
12 Cherry Court, Uxbridge Rd
Pinner, HA5 3PS
Phone: 020 7193 3216
Mobile: 07530 345551

Career Intentions

I am currently available for consultancy in the field of sustainability. This brief summary and my detailed CV (in two parts: Professional Profile and Career History) provide an introduction to my skills.

The purpose of the table below is to indicate early development of personal capability for handling comprehensive and strategic issues at or near board level.

The red boxes show normal development of graduate capability over time. The green boxes with text descriptions show my own development according to Jaquesian theory (refer to Sheila Rossan's interpretation, see Management Levels & Capability Model).

On this basis there is evidence that by 25 I was already functioning at a level that was appropriate for work with the boards of national organisations.

Level Timespan Description              

VIII 100+yrs
            Establishing level VII sustainability leadership training

VII 50yrs Strategic
  Energy & policy research (LCA)   Established experimental sustainable community  

VI 20yrs Strategic
    Pioneered fund-raising for national hunger charity Built ecological home & lake      
V 10yrs Tactical/ Comprehensive     Global conference software development        
IV 4yrs Tactical/ Comprehensive Executive of fund-raising charity            

III 2yrs Operational
II 1yr Operational/ Systems              
Age 25 30 35 40 45 50 55

I also have the ability to successfully undertake many tasks for which I have had no formal training or prior experience. For example my colleague Ross King described me as "the most outstanding Systems Analyst I have had the opportunity and pleasure of working with through a career spanning ITT, Lucas and Bosch at senior management level with significant responsibility for systems design". What Ross did not know when he wrote this was that the only preparation I'd had for the work he was referring to, was to read a teach your self book on systems analysis the night before conducting the first interviews.

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Warwick O'Brien, O'Brien Lovrinov Crafter Pty Ltd
Michael's advice was well researched and professionally presented to us within good time. I am happy to commend him to any seeking his services.

M J G Lockyer, Central Statistical Office
I must congratulate you on the thoroughness and care that have obviously been taken to arrive at these very comprehensive results.