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This letter, from Dr Gary Alexander, Senior Lecturer, The Open University, covers my time at the OU from 1975 to 1984. In his letter Dr Alexander mentions a letter from TRRL. This letter was actually from M J G Lockyer of the CSO.

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6 August 1985

To Whom It May Concern,

       Re: Dr . Michael Baker

       It is my pleasure to commend Michael Baker to you. I have known Dr. Baker since 1975, when he came to the Open University Energy Research Group (ERG) as a PhD student. During that period I was first Assistant Director, and then Director of ERG. Dr. Baker was a member of ERG until mid-1981 when he was employed by the Open University's Academic Computing Service.

       Dr Baker's thesis topic was "Problems in Long-Term Forecasting and Planning with Reference to Transport and Energy". My evaluation of it, as confirmed by the internal examiner, was that it was a thesis of a very high quality, containing more penetrating insights, and more significant material than is usual in a PhD thesis.

       Dr Baker's work on his PhD was interrupted for various periods while he took on external research contracts (on related areas). One such contract, for the Transport and Road Research Laboratory, was the compilation of the transport sector of the national input-output tables. Upon completion of the work, he received a letter from TRRL thanking him for what they considered to be an outstanding job.

       Throughout his stay at ERG Dr. Baker's interests were related to the use and construction of mathematical models, with the aid of computers. He and I jointly developed a scenario-building model of the U.K. energy system which has now been used by over 20,000 Open University students. Another, small, consultancy he undertook, was the development of a customised version of the Cambridge computer's GCAL text-processing system, tailored to the specific needs of Open University PhD students.

       When, upon completion of his PhD, Dr. Baker was employed by the Academic Computing Service as a programmer-analyst, I felt that this was particularly appropriate. The common thread through all Dr. Baker's work with ERG was an ability to see the structure and connections of whatever he was examining, and to translate that into clear algorithms. That, of course, is the essence of the job of a good programmer-analyst.

       In summary, I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Michael Baker. His high intelligence and thoroughness consistently result in the production of first-rate work.

Yours sincerely,
[Signed Gary Alexander]
Dr. Gary Alexander
Senior Lecturer in Electronics


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Ross King, RPA Marketing Communications Ltd
I am please to be able to recommend Dr. Baker's services as a Consultant in Systems, Business & Organization. Dr. Baker is the most outstanding Systems Analyst I have had the opportunity and the pleasure of working with through a career spanning ITT, Lucas and Bosch at a senior management level with significant responsibility for systems design.

Dr Keith Harry, The United Nations University
I have been most impressed with Dr Baker's thorough approach.