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Sean Doherty, Educational Software Manager, The Open University Academic Computing Service, wrote this letter about work that I did from 1981 to 1983.

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General Reference for Dr. Michael Baker

I am please to provide this reference on behalf of Dr. Baker who has worked both as a programmer/analyst and as a programming consultant in the Academic Computing Service of the Open University.  In both capacities Dr. Baker reported to me as manager of the application software development section of the Academic Computing Service.

Dr. Baker was employed initially as a programmer/analyst on the USS academic related 1a Scale from May 1981 to the end of December 1983.  During this time he worked on a variety of programming projects associated with work for the Faculty of Technology at the university. This work included two major projects - a world energy model for use by students at Open University summer schools and a very ambitious batch processing program dealing with home energy consumption which involved processing a survey from and identifying and recommending how energy savings could be achieved.  He was also responsible for the development of a 'computer feedback' system which produces personalised letters for students who have submitted Computer Marked Assignments.  This latter system is now used on a considerable number of university courses.

Since his resignation from his full time university post in December 1983 he has been employed by me as a consultant firstly on a second phase of the home energy project and secondly on a project to transfer the university's Computer Assisted Learning authoring system from a DEC 2060 mainframe to a VAX 11/785.

I can recommend Dr. Baker most highly.  He has a strong academic background and considerable intellectual ability. He has experience of a wide range of computer equipment and computer languages and is able to assimilate new ideas and techniques with relative ease.  He has been a very conscientious and hardworking member of staff at the Open University and was well respected by colleagues for his ability and achievements.

Signed -
    [Signed Sean Doherty]
Sean Doherty
(Educational Software Manager)



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Ross King, RPA Marketing Communications Ltd
I am please to be able to recommend Dr. Baker's services as a Consultant in Systems, Business & Organization. Dr. Baker is the most outstanding Systems Analyst I have had the opportunity and the pleasure of working with through a career spanning ITT, Lucas and Bosch at a senior management level with significant responsibility for systems design.

Dr Keith Harry, The United Nations University
I have been most impressed with Dr Baker's thorough approach.