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R King - RPA Marketing Communications Ltd

This letter from Ross King covers work that I did for R.P.A. Marketing Communication Limited in 1985, when they were providing consultancy services to the University of Warwicdk. When he wrote this letter Ross King was Director of Conference Business at the University of Warwick. Ross King was formerly Senior Consultant and Associate, R.P.A. Marketing Communication Limited.



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J Ross King
Director of Business Conference


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To whom it may concern.


Dear Sir/Madam

Dr. Michael Baker

      I am please to be able to recommend Dr. Baker's services as a Consultant in Systems, Business & Organization.  Dr. Baker is the most outstanding Systems Analyst I have had the opportunity and the pleasure of working with through a career spanning ITT, Lucas and Bosch at a senior management level with significant responsibility systems design.

      In August 1985, I asked Dr. Baker as a Consultant, to assist me with initial systems analysis in respect of computerizing the University of Warwick's considerable conference business.  Michael displayed the utmost ability and clarity in assisting with the design and execution of the necessary systems and business analysis.  The resulting report was a model of its kind and enabled us to locate and adapt a commercial system for a fraction of the cost of building our own.  Despite assurance at the outset, by the University, that no suitable commercial system existed.

      I am sorry that I have now to lose Dr. Baker's services as he is in process of emigrating to Australia.  They are of a level which I do not expect to be able to replace easily.

      This is a man of integrity, firmness and correctness who deserves to be treated with respect and care by any principal who has the fortune to be able to engage his services.


Yours faithfully,
     [Signed Ross King]
Mr J Ross King M.A. (Oxon), M. Inst. M.,
                    M.M.R S.
Director of Conference Business,
Senior Consultant and Associate,

R.P.A. Marketing Communication Limited,
223, Regent Street,
LONDON,    W1.

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Warwick O'Brien, O'Brien Lovrinov Crafter Pty Ltd
Michael's advice was well researched and professionally presented to us within good time. I am happy to commend him to any seeking his services.

M J G Lockyer, Central Statistical Office
I must congratulate you on the thoroughness and care that have obviously been taken to arrive at these very comprehensive results.