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This letter, by Professor Charles Newey, Professor of Materials, The Open University, covers work I did for the OU in 1983.

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 To Whom it may concern

29th August 1985

Dear Sir,

re:  Michael Baker

I had an excellent opportunity of judging Michael Baker's qualities when, as Chairman of the Technology Foundation course, I employed him as a consultant to revamp and update the "Energy Game" - one of the main Summer School activities.

In this computer-based activity,students are encouraged to formulate national energy policy on the basis of scenarios of their own choosing for energy demand in the major sectors of the economy and,for supply of each of the major fuels.  This requires a comprehensive, detailed and carefully structured database and computer programme.

In 1983 Michael was responsible for updating the data used in the forecasts and for improving the structure of the programme in the light of our experience gained with it.  This involved a considerable information search and detailed development work.      In carrying out this work he showed considerable initiative and generated a product of high quality ahead of schedule.  I commend him to you.

Yours faithfully,

[Signed L. Phelps]

pp.  Professor C.W.A. Newey
Professor of Materials



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Mrs M I Gidman, Building Research Establishment
Throughout the period of his contract he was found to be thorough, efficient, methodical, reliable and unstinting in his efforts to produce a well documented report.

Prof Charles Newey, The Open University
Michael showed considerable initiative and generated a product of high quality ahead of schedule.