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This letter from Alan Reddish, Director, Energy Research Group, The Open University covers work that I did for the OU from 1982 to 1984.

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2 August 1985




Dr Michael Baker

Dr Baker is an experienced software consultant, with a background in energy research, which admirably equipped him to develop the suite of programs central to the OU/BRE/C4TV/D.En 'Energy Matters' scheme.

He had obtained his PhD in the Energy Research Group in 1981 for a study of energy in transport, and then obtained a post in the OU Academic Computing Service.  In 1982 the development of the 'Energy Matters' pack began; part of this is a computer-based advice scheme developed in collaboration with BRE.  Dr Baker's primary concern as a member of ACS staff was to develop the system and software, on the basis of algorithms supplied by BRE, to provide automatic processing of the responses to a lengthy questionnaire - in practice he made significant contributions to the questionnaire design and the energy analysis as well as carrying out the primary software task.

The scheme was launched with C4TV publicity in autumn 1983, and some 9,000 packs supplied, of which some 5,000 questionnaires have by now been returned and processed.  Although this was successful and appreciated in the majority of cases, as a recent Market Survey has confirmed, difficulties in providing a fool-proof analysis in all cases - intrinsic to the task, and not a criticism of the software - led to a further programme of system development during 1984, which Dr Baker now carried out as an independent consultant.  He was thorough, systematic and reliable in the definition, execution and documentation of the complex and detained work involved, and the extremely difficult task of providing a reliable postal energy audit system has now been solved as well as the initial conception permits.  For this Dr Baker must take a large part of the credit.  The scheme will run at least for one more year, and any new scheme will build on the secure foundations of the data and analysis experience these programs provide.


[Signed Alan Reddish]
Alan Reddish



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Mrs M I Gidman, Building Research Establishment
Throughout the period of his contract he was found to be thorough, efficient, methodical, reliable and unstinting in his efforts to produce a well documented report.

Prof Charles Newey, The Open University
Michael showed considerable initiative and generated a product of high quality ahead of schedule.