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P Vitek - Imperial Cancer Research Fund

This letter was written by Pavel Vitek, Head of Computing Facilities, Imperial Cancer Research Fund and covers work that I did for them in 1984 and 1985.

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August 1985



Dr. Michael Baker.

I have first met Dr. Baker in the Autumn 1984 when he came to give us a seminar on the Programmable Command Language (PCL) in TOPS-20 - the operating system used on the ICRF's DEC2060 system. The seminar was carefully prepared, well presented and received.

Subsequently, when Michael Baker approached me in the Spring of 1985 with a request for a temporary job, I was pleased to take him on the staff on the Research Computer Unit as a visiting worker from 1st July 1985.

Since he joined the Unit, Michael spent most of his time implementing FAMULUS bibliography package. Although the package was written in FORTRAN 77 and with portability in mind, a thorough knowledge of the TOPS-20 operating system, FORTRAN 77 and its compiler and filing structures was required. A high level of documentation discipline was also needed to satisfy the distributors of the package, and it's fair to say that the implementation has been carried out in a professional manner. Currently, Michael Baker is engaged in comparing the 1022 Data Base system and FAMULUS as to the efficiency, range of facilities and ease of use. In order to carry out this study Michael had to learn the basics of the 1022 DB so that he could develop the necessary data conversion tools. Finally, he is finishing a PCL based user interface for FAMULUS which should make the package much simpler to use in particular for relatively simple applications which are however most frequently needed by our scientific and technical staff.

It gives me a great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Dr. Baker since from the work which he has done in our Unit I have no doubt that his work is of high professional standard and meticulously executed. I should not hesitate to offer a post to Dr. Baker myself if the opportunity would arise.

[Signed Pavel Vitek]

Pavel J Vitek
Head of computing Facilities



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Ross King, RPA Marketing Communications Ltd
I am please to be able to recommend Dr. Baker's services as a Consultant in Systems, Business & Organization. Dr. Baker is the most outstanding Systems Analyst I have had the opportunity and the pleasure of working with through a career spanning ITT, Lucas and Bosch at a senior management level with significant responsibility for systems design.

Dr Keith Harry, The United Nations University
I have been most impressed with Dr Baker's thorough approach.