Electricity System control box

Electricity System Control Box This is my electricity system control box. The grey box to the top left of the board is an inverter/charger. It monitors the batteries and when the voltage is low it automatically switches on the backup generator.

The black box on the bottom right is a rectifyer for the wind generator. The wind generator produces three phase AC. However it has to be converted to DC first as its frequency is dependent on the windspeed. Above the rectifyer are two coils monted on a black board. These coils are used to dump surplus electricity. The dumping is done by the regulator (black box) to the left of the coils. It regulates the voltage on the (24v) batteries to protect them from being over charged by keeping the voltage to a maximum of about 30v. The small whte box to the immediate left of the rectifyer is a three pole switch that acts as a break on the wind generator. To the left of this are fuses.

The white box on the bottom left is a 240v power board with circuit breakers.

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