Eco Home - Adelaide Hills

Until recently I lived in a passive solar mud brick house on a 44 acre property. When the house was built in the late 1980s the aim was that it be self sufficient. The house now has its own solar and wind powered electricity system, water supply and septic tank. The only external service connected to the house is a phone line.

The house is located in Flaxley in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia. You can see an ariel view of it on

For larger images and more details on this passive solar mud brick house, the wind generator, or the electricity system control box click on an image on the right.

From the living room there is a wonderful view over the large dam on the property.

wonderful view over the large dam

There are kangaroos at the bottom of the garden

The house is near about 80 acres of remnant native bush that is home to a mob of kangaroos. They frequently roam over the property. On occasions I've seen over twenty of them grazing on the grass in the scene above.

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