View from my front door

view from my front door over a dam to trees in the distance

This is a 180° view from my front door. You will probably need to scroll horizontally to see all of it.

In the centre of the view is our large dam. We use this to catch water when it rains in the winter and spring so that we can use it to water crops and trees in the summer. I am fortunate to live in a relatively high rain fall area (about 700mm per year) of South Australia. South Australians are fond of saying that we live in the driest state on the driest continent on earth. However although we have reasonable rainfall here we also have about 1000mm of evaporation per year, so things get very dry in the summer.

The pictures that this panorama has been created from were taken in the early summer. Later in the summer all of the grass turns yellow as it dries out.

When I arrived on this property in 1986 it was mainly bare paddock, having been cleared for a dairy farm. Apart from five large gum trees (only three of which are clearly visible, the other two are hiding behind newer trees) there were no trees between the spot these photos were taken and the dam in 1986. Since then we have planted thousands of native trees and hundreds of fruit and nut trees on the property.

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