Interesting Places

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Interesting Places

In an article in 3 Nov 95, Marshall Dyer <>, editor of NetWatchers, wrote:

The NetWatchers "Legislative House of Horrors" [is] a guided tour [which] takes you through the most notable proposed legislation concerning the online community. Access the feature by going to the NetWatchers front page at and follow the link fo for the "Spooky Survey of Proposed Legislation".

On the "link" mailing list, Roger Clarke <> wrote on 6 Nov 95:

Steve Orlowski's paper a few months ago, on the web at: suggested that weak crpyto would be good enough for most people. That stirred up a bit of dust, with well over 1,000 accesses from all over the world, and plenty of chat on newsgroups.

He's been at it again. In a new paper, he's proposing a framework for public key certification authorities. He's again agreed to let me put it up, and it's now available at:

Feel free to re-post this message to such emailing lists and newsgroups as you think may be interested. Comments to appropriate lists and Steve, please "(me? I just play piano)" wrote Roger.

Roger also wrote: Stan Correy at ABC National ran a short item on 'What's up (or should we say down) with Telstra and the Internet?' about 06:15 this morning, Thursday (that's Sydney time, I assume!). The transcript is at:
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