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Michael's Banned Pages Mirror Site

I have established this site to help demonstrate the impossibility of censoring the Internet. I will be posting here copies of pages that have been banned or blocked in their country of origin. Please note that I may not agree with all of the pages that I have here, infact I may find some of them objectionable. However the solution to objectionable speech is not to ban it but more speach.

Currently mounted pages

  • Canada currently bans anonymous political speech on the Internet. Further details are available here, as is an example of a banned page.
  • Nottinghamshire County Council in the UK tried to suppress a controversial child abuse report. Further details on the attempt are available.

    I recieved a letter purportedly from C.P. McKay, County Solicitor for Nottinghamshire County Council demanding that I remove the report from my web site. I replied that I would not do so.

    More recently I received a letter purportedly from John Gass of the Nottinghamshire County Concil asking that I remove reference to the Nottinghamshire County Council as it referes to information that is over 16 months old. I have replied to thank John Gass for reminding me to update this site.

  • Brian Martin has been forced by the University of Wollongong administration to remove a page about the plight of Proffessor Pinnock from his site.

Free Speech Organisations

The following are some organisations which support free speech on the Internet.

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