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Oz Net Modeling Project

Except for the addition of this comment and changes to the layout and navigation links, the content of this page was last updated on 23 May 1999. The Oz Net Modeling Project is no longer active.

Oz Net Modeling Project

This is the home page for the Oz Net Modeling Project aimed at quantifying the effects of the government's proposed Net censorship legislation (the Broadcasting Services (Online Services) Amendment Bill).


The aim of this project is to quantify the likely

  • Increased cost to consumers
  • Increased cost to business
  • Loss of bussiness
  • Net loss of jobs
  • Loss of tax
  • Increased imports
  • Decreased exports
  • Reduction in GDP
caused by the proposed Net censorship.

The models used will be no more detailed than required. That is the models will only contain sufficient detail to answer the project questions.


Models of Net activities in Australia are currently under development.

As much of the modeling as possible will be static. That is those parts that remain static will be calculated once. Those parts that are dynamic will be modeled using Vensim. The dynamic parts will include:

  • User numbers
  • ISP/ICH numbers and sizes
  • Traffic volume
  • Quantity of content
  • Costs
  • Revenues
  • Jobs
  • Taxes
  • Imports
  • Exports
Net Traffic Model
The Net Traffic Model splits users into a number of sectors and models the traffic between each pair of sectors. Traffic is split between metropolitan, national and international.

The following models have yet to be developed:


The principle participants in this project are:
Dr Michael Baker
Project Coordinator
Dr Baker has a PhD in Forecasting and Planning from The Open University in the UK and is a board member of Electronic Frontiers Australia.


This project was started on 21 May 1999 with a message to the EFA sponsored stop-censorship mailing list asking for comment and suggestions.

Copyright © 1999 Dr Michael Baker
When I figure out how, the content of the Oz Net Modeling Project web site will be covered by a copyleft.

Last updated 23 May 1999
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